Helping Wealth Managers advise on complex estates through AI-enhanced tools

WMCockpit provides comprehensive mapping of both bankable and non-bankable client assets, coupled with stress testing and investment simulation. Our platform delivers actionable insights and AI-enhanced quantitative analysis, fostering relationships grounded in trust.

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Holistic wealth management tooling for family/multi-family offices & private wealth managers
Not just portfolio aggregation. Model bankable and non-bankable assets, from discretionary equity portfolios to art collections, real estate or individual private equity investments. Manual input is available for those needing discretion and automation via API's exist for those willing to connect current assets held with numerous financial institutions.
Product overview
Optimized Client Profile Setting
Craft personalized strategies with our user-friendly interface. Align investments perfectly with your client's financial landscape and goals.
Long-term Cash and Estate Projections
Visualize your clients' financial trajectory with ease. Make proactive decisions to ensure their financial stability.
Stress Testing
Simulate various market conditions and build resilience into your wealth management approach. Be prepared for whatever the financial world throws your clients way.
Detailed Scenario Analysis
Anticipate and adjust strategies with our real-time scenario comparison feature. Navigate wealth management complexities with confidence.
Robust KYC and Suitability Compliance
Stay compliant with our robust KYC and suitability features. Focus on creating value for your clients.
WMCockpit is a client engagement & KYC tool
In a rapidly digitizing world, holistic wealth management requires a powerful tool that blends data-driven insights, adaptive planning, regulatory compliance and "substance over form" suitability review. The ensuing discussions create a unique understanding between client and advisor that brings engagement, hence decision making efficiency, to a new level. WMCockpit also acts as a key CRM & KYC tool.
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